For inventors

  • Finance – RedCAT provides a pathway of financial and R & D support to accelerate the commercialisation of low carbon technologies.
  • to work intensively Low Carbon technology innovators, to take their technologies through the commercialisation process, working together to secure for each a long-term consortium of funders to support the development of their technology through the latter stages of development, demonstration, promotion, manufacturing and sale.

Answering the need for large scale commercialisation funding for Lancashire low carbon/green tech innovations – to find support through the full commercialisation journey

  • advanced R and D into technologies, materials, and manufacture,
  • assessment and demonstration of product capability and viability conducted within Lancashire,
  • understanding market needs, establishing credible routes to market and securing launch customers,
  • establishing resilient supply-chains
  • scale up of manufacturing capability,
  • sales into UK large investment partner companies, and
  • global roll out with internationalisation partners to deliver funded clean green tech to developing nations.

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